1979Hawaii Full Wedding experience

One stop shop

5 days of real Hawaiian wedding experience.

From your flights, car, hotels, wedding day, rehearsal party, swim with dolphins, beach hoping, visit epic sits, secret hiking to a sand bar yacht party!

Allow us to custom your wedding alongside you with the best of what hawaii has to offer!

Before we start to plan your wedding we want to introduce our selves!

Aloha, Im Yarden, an Israeli girl live on the island of Oahu.  I found my passion and experienced in full event planning, i adventured the glob with a backpack on my back, love to experience each place i visit by exploring the good food, nature, and culture.

I love to working with people that love themselves, like to party, and are willing to share their vision and thoughts with me, and allow me to bring into life their custom HAWAII WEDDING EXPERIENCE.  I found my Hawaiian Local boy on Waikiki Sandy beach, it was falling in love at first sight, Joshua!

Joshua and I sharing life, friendship, kids, and creative business together. 

Joshua ais here 

Na Mea Kupono

By hiring 1979Hawaii you supporting, Na Mea Kupono,  Non profit organization that maintain the Native Hawaiian culture by inviting kids and adult to experience the Ainà in the Hawaiian way! Na Mea Kupono hold  a learning center and grow 

Only 8 Hawaiian wedding experience for summer 2021!

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