Tables & Canopy

Tables and Canopy

Earpod Hardwood Table

Each table seats up to 8 guests

  8.5 ft x 3.5 ft - $225 /each


  • Available in low/standard/high top legs sizes


  • Dinner tables

  • Buffet table

  • Sweetheart table

  • Welcoming/sign-in table

  • Picnic/lounge tables

  • Cocktail tables

  • JD stand

​1979Hawaii rentals are designed and built in house. We utilized local sources, local hardwood and island inspiration for our inventory creation. We are always in the process of building and developing our inventory. We love to receive new requests and always happy to accommodate our clients vision!


Available tables:

  • Round cookie Earpod hardwood tables - 2.5ftx3.5ft - $75/each

  • Mango hardwood tables (each table seats up to 4 guests) - 6.5ftx2ft - $125/each

  • Albizia Hardwood table each table seats up to 4-6 guests) - 6.5ftx3ft - $175/each

  • Earpod hardwood tables (each table seats up to 10 guests) - 8.5ftx3.5ft - $225/each

  • Dining Canopies (table decoration) - $225/each

  • Farm Tables + Dining Canopies (each table seats up to 8 guests) - $350/each 

  • Wooden Benches (each bench seats up to 4 guests) - $50 


  • Dinner tables

  • Buffet table

  • Sweetheart table

  • Welcoming/sign-in table 

  • Picnic/lounge tables

  • Cocktail tables

  • Cake display table

  • JD stand


Greenery Champagne wall & Champagne Tower


1979Hawaii offer greenery Champagne wall or greenery round  champagne tower used most as a welcoming drinks and/or when it's time for Champagne toast.

Definitely one of the most popular add-ons!


*Flowers & Glassware purchase separately.


Wedding Catering Services & Bartending Services

Coffee and water refreshments station

Self serve Refreshments

The perfect add on for large events.

1979Hawaii self serve refreshments help to keep everyone refreshed and happy during the whole event.

*Our self serve refreshments Included in most of 1979Hawaii packages.


  • Earpod cookie table

  • 2 refreshments (Lemonade/Pink lemonade/Cold brew coffee/Passion fruit/Orange/Guava juice/Orange juice)


Refilled and maintained during the event.

Starts from $225

Picnic Lounge

Styles Picnic & Lounge

1979Hawaii Side lounge allows your guests to take a moment, chill out during your celebration, and observe some tropical Hawaiian vibes.

Our experiential picnics/lounges create perfect photo moments!

We offer custom lounges and will create step by step the dream lounge/picnic for your next event.

Bar services hawaii

Extra Bar Set-up

2 bar set up is always better than one.

This add on will be perfect fit for large parties and additional activations.

Extra bar set up save wait time around the bar and create perfect flow. 

*Included all bar needs & 1979Hawaii full bar service

Tableware and Glassware for wedding

Tableware & Glassware

We always recommended purchasing a glassware and tableware package to elevate the bar and/or dinner experience. 

Glassware package start from $8/guest

Plate, utensils & napkin set start from $8/guest

Picnic or Rehearsal Lunch/Dinner Set-up


Backyard picnic style - up to 20 guests

  • Lounge set-up including decorations, wooden tables, pillows, flowers.

  • Production team, delivery and cleaning crew included.

  • Food and soft beverages including: refreshments stand & water service.

  • Gourmet Platters: poke, sushi, spring roll, edamame.

  • Disposable utensils (palm leap plats & bamboo utensils (option to upgrade tableware).

  • Dessert: fruit platters

  • Up to 3 hours of service

***Option to upgrade to secret island Kuala ranch venue ($31/guest!

Price: $3359.99 up to 20 guests

In House Custom Island Arches


Island crafted arches 


Maui Arch - $200

Oahu Arch - $200

Kauai - $200

Lanai Arch - $250

Molokai - $250

Big Island/Hawaii - $200

Personal custom arches available. Price starts from $200!

Custom Wooden Surfboards


12 custom wooden surfboards - shape in house

Beautiful & outstanding wedding decoration.


  • Separation walls

  • Backdrop

  • Welcoming entrance

  • Guests sign board

  • Champagne wall (coming soon)

For rent: $70 each surfboard



Have your guests check in on your personal custom board.  All shapes, colors, and designs are available!


For sale: $850-$4000

Champagne wall. 2-min.jpg