Planning a wedding is definitely a daunting task. Not to mention the stress level of organizing everything from inventory to venue and a lot more things. Hence, hiring a wedding and event planner would really be a great idea. You don’t want to stress out on your big day, don’t you? If you are still thinking about it, I hope these tips would help you on why you should hire a wedding planner.

  • They can free up a lot of time for you
  • Cost Saving
  • Wedding and Event Planners help you stick to your budget
  • They have connections and insider knowledge
  • Expert suppliers with high quality wedding supplies
  • You’ll get creative and new ideas
  • They’ll be there the entire time during your wedding day
  • After party clean up

1. They can free up a lot of time for you

Your wedding will only happen for a day, or less. But planning and making everything happen perfectly surely takes way more than a day. It takes months or sometimes even years. A wedding planner can take this off of your plate, so you can focus on other important things.

2. Hiring a Wedding and Event Planner is Cost saving

Wedding planners have already established connections with a lot of vendors therefore you’ll get discounts or at least reasonable prices for your wedding needs. You might think about the cost of hiring a wedding planner at first but you will definitely benefit a lot from it.

Some of the wedding planners also have businesses related to weddings such as wedding catering services, bartending services, photography and videography. They can provide bundled services and packages saving you a lot of money.

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3. Wedding and Event Planners help you stick to your budget

Setting a budget when planning a wedding is a must. After all, you want to live the next chapter of your life debt-free. As I have previously mentioned, planners already have connections with different manufacturers/vendors, so they know where to go and what to prioritize. They can take care of your allotted budget and ensure that everything is included in it or even save some.

4. They have connections and insider knowledge

Want to have a beach wedding? Want to have a bar service that serves customized drinks to your guests? Or maybe you’re looking to add a food truck catering to your event. Catering service with delicious food, photographer and videographer, florist, name it! Wedding planners can surely get all those things done for you. They can recommend the best that suits your budget. Why spend a lot of time searching on Google and coordinating so many people if one can do it for you.

5. Expert suppliers with high quality wedding supplies

Surely you can do your own research as there are a lot of options available in the wedding market online. However, you might later on realize how complicated it is to coordinate with different persons and compare different products and wedding services.

Wedding planners have a list of trusted suppliers and most likely they’ve already built a long-time relationship with. They can negotiate a deal for you so you can get the best out of your money.

They can definitely help you compare different options and verify that what is being presented to you online is the same in reality.

6. You’ll get creative and new ideas

You want everything to be perfect, one-of-a-kind and memorable for your wedding day. Not just that, you’d also want your guests and loved ones attending the ceremony and reception to enjoy.

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Instead of scrolling through Pinterest and scanning a lot of bridal magazines looking for a fresh idea, wedding planners can share their brilliant ideas. They’ve been in this industry for quite some time already, so you’ll surely get ideas tailored fit to your desired wedding motif. Whether you want a champagne wall or champagne tower or a bar rental service, your wedding planner can definitely look into that possibility for you.

7. They’ll be there the entire time during your wedding day

Wedding planners oversee everything on the wedding day. Something wrong with the venue? They’ll take care of that. Something’s not working? No worries, they’ll definitely ensure to get it working for you. You will have a lot of assistance on your big day. They will be the one who will coordinate and command everything from the venue, to caterers, logistics and everything else to ensure that all runs smoothly.

8. After party clean up

The last thing that you want to do after your wedding is cleaning up. But don’t worry, wedding planners will be with you from start to finish. They’ll make sure to check everything and do a final sweep to ensure that everything will be in order and that nothing is forgotten.

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Hiring a wedding and event planner can definitely take a lot of stress and look into every detail of your wedding. Sure you can do it on your own, maybe, but with the amount of work needed to make everything perfect and memorable on your wedding day, you might as well hire one.

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