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My secrets for successful relationship and business partnership

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

I met Joshua on the beach of Waikiki. Back then, Joshua was just a summer love story, I was in the middle of my world traveling journey but the connection to josh kept me coming back to Hawaii again and again and again. Josh and I had great communication and understanding from the beginning of our relationship, each one of us makes sure to express oneself and communicate his thoughts and feelings at any time.

After few months of knowing each other, Joshua came to my home country, Israel. Israel was a life changing experience for my island boy. Arriving in the desert during the holiest time of the year made him understand that there are different lifestyle beyond the horizon.

Josh fell in love with the country, my family, the food and overall he fell in love with me. I always asked for an island boy, surfer, conscious partner to hold my hand during this psychical and spiritual life.

After our Israel trip, Josh proposed to me and asked me if I would be interested in being his life partner, lover, and his best friend? I say "ken ken ken" ( means yes yes yes in Hebrew :)

Josh and I live together on the island of Oahu. We combine our knowledge and experiences and create/built a coffee/fruits stand/smoothie shack on our favorite Sandy beach. In the beginning of our relationships we spend a lot of time on the beach running, learning and developing our business, engage with our loyal customers, raising Josh's kids and loving life.

As you see Josh built such a unique looking mobile shop that attracted a lot of attention from the locals, tourists and the wedding, event and movies industry. The wedding planners, venue coordinator and events coordination's start to reach out to us with inquiry to serve cocktails, snacks, fresh fruits and meals at their next events/weddings from our mobile unit, and we?! we l-o-v-e this idea! Step into the event industry was such an amazing opportunity for us and feel like a dream come true.

At this time Joshua had 15 years of events coordination and building experience, and I had 10 years of bartending, customer service and staff management experience. We decided that the events industry will perfectly fit our desire to bring our creativity to life. To be part of peoples celebrations always been an honor for us and over all it fulfilled our dreams to combine our passion & needs and have sustainable, satisfying and successful business. Hence the birth of our wedding catering services and bartending services.

Josh start to build bar options, champagne walls, hardwood tables & canopies and I start to collaborate with the best chefs, create a bartender and production team and on the island. slowly and surely we built a wedding company, 1979Hawaii website and business vision, teamed with wedding professional, brides & grooms, and built menu selections and wedding packages.

Our connection grew stronger and so did our business.

Josh is my favorite person in the world, my best business partner, best friend and everyday I fall in love with him again. I wish for all of those that share life together to love and be loved forever!

I would love to share with you some of our secret keys for the perfect relationship:

  • Communication. Communication is the number one key for a successful relationship. Say what you think, share your feeling, listen to the other side with a full intention to create the best situation for both sides. Do not keep for yourself negativity, your partner do not read thoughts and the facts that you are together mean that you want to make it happen on the best side.

  • Understanding. Understanding that you have a relationship with a totally different person than yourself. Each one of us has needs, desires and thoughts that are not necessary are similar to our.

  • Accept, respect and support your partner. Each of us experience changes with in the years, learn & grow with your partner and accept his opinions, needs, preference and interest, even if they are different than yours’s.

  • Honesty. The most important thing for Josh and I is the honesty and truth in our relationship. Even if the truth is not as beautiful and comfortable, talk the truth, make sure you do it, it will be much appreciated than hiding, keeping secrets and living a lie.

  • Remember the reason why you are together. Every morning I make sure to list 5 reasons why I'm in this relationship, this life, and why I love Josh so much and I am always looking forward to hearing his reasons for loving me.

  • Affection. Everyone loves to be touched and spoiled. Make time to show affection to your lover, even if it is just to take one minute to look at each other's eyes or give a massage to each other, or just a long hug will raise your relationship and make it deeper. Live in peace. My grandparents married in peace and markable love for the last 74 years. There is 2 secrets they shared with me for a healthy relationship: “Never go to bed when you are angry with your partner. Always make peace before the day ends." “accepting and respecting each other needs, desires and decisions”.

Mahalo for reading my blog.

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