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The Best Destination Weddings, Hawaii

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

If travel enthusiast drew up an ideal destination, Hawaii would probably be it. With endless summers and miles of pristine coastlines, the endlessly gorgeous Hawaiian views will invigorate your senses and slow time for you to breath back to center.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate all that this tropical paradise has to offer. There aren't many places in the world that get to call somewhere so sacred Home and everyday have gratitude for such an amazing place in the middle of the pacific.  

1979Hawaii experience is an invitation to disconnect from the modern world, to reconnect with nature, to look beyond the ordinary, to express our true selves, to dance, to dive deeper and connect to the highest, to ‘do’ less, and get more, to rise together, to bath in a tropical fairytales, to bring imagination to life, to embrace a dream and awaken to the now.    

During this unprecedented moment in human history, we invite everyone to take some time to really tune into what 1979Hawaii represents - a true Hawaiian vibes, sustainability, ecological friendly & active company, local flavors, tropical cocktails and the best of Hawaii Chefs selection. We believe in originality and all of our equipments made in-house. We create a one of a kind experience to all our events participates.

We are a group of Hawaiian natives, residents, entrepreneur, creatives that’s bringing all of our experiences together to create a magical space for everyone to enjoy, eat, drink, love, share, and dance.    



Hawaii truly is paradise on Earth, and its initial inhabitants knew that from the moment they first laid eyes on it. With fertile 'Aina (land/soil), an abundance of Wai (fresh water), and the ocean (Kai) teeming with wildlife, sustainability and Aloha (Love) is rooted in the Hawaiian culture and has been perpetuated by its people for thousands of years. Through music, dance, food, vibes you will be able to experience the true Hawaiian culture.

Please respect each inch of this island, respect the people of Hawaii, and overall, soak and spared the Aloha.

Join the movement the world is ready, the time is now. Mahalo!

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