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Questions to ask your Event Planner

Blog Featured Questions To Ask Your Event Planner

There are many reasons why you would possibly want to rent an event planner or event coordinator. Although an excellent event planner isn’t cheap, they will definitely prevent you from making costly mistakes.

1. Time management

There are many things that you can do in reference to organizing an event, and time is your most precious asset. A seasoned event planner can help you streamline the method and save a lot of time.

2. Budget management

Although time is precious, so is money. An excellent planner can assist you with managing your event budget and negotiating with venues and vendors on your behalf so you get a very good deal.

3. Stress management

Event planning is usually said to be one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Seeing as you’ll have many other things to consider, why not outsource the additional stress to a professional?

Here are the questions to ask an event planner.

You now know why you would possibly have to hire an event planner and where to look for them. So far, so good. Let’s dive into the following questions to ask an event planner.

1. What is your specialization?

Most event planners will specialize in a particular sort of event, which might be anything from weddings to business conferences. Confirm that their area of experience aligns with your event.

2. What services do you offer?

Event planning consists of many moving parts, so confirm that your planner is in a position to accommodate all of your needs. Examples include sourcing speakers and organizing catering.

3. What’s included in your fee?

Establish what you’ll get for your money and what is going to cost you additional money. Agree on a flat, hourly, or commission-based fee and determine additional charges like travel expenses and support staff.

4. Who will work on the event?

Find out who your main point of contact is and how many people are going to be involved in organizing your event. Get a summary of the people involved and the way to contact them.

You might want to consider separate interview questions for event staff, too.

5. The amount of time you will need?

How much time your planner must organize your event will depend upon the scale and kind of your event, as well as what percentage of other events they’re performing at an equivalent time. Time is of the essence in planning an event.

6. How do they choose an event venue?

The venue will often be the most important expense in your event budget, so it’s important that the planner chooses it carefully. Ask this question to measure their attention to detail.

7. Does your Event Planner have good vendor contacts?

Choose an event planner who has good relationships with vendors that provide equipment, decor, transportation, catering, and entertainment. That way, you’re likely to have an excellent deal.

8. Event budget Management

Money is usually a problem when planning for an event, as it’s easy to lose control of the budget. Ask how the event planner will manage the budget and avoid spending an excessive amount of money.

9. Timeline Management

Like money, time may be a critical thing to consider in an event organization. It’s a crucial question to ask because your event planner might juggle multiple events at once—which may be a major challenge.

10. What technology are you familiar with?

There is an entire array of event management tools available to assist event planners organize their time, money, marketing, and ticketing. Determine which of them your candidate knows about.

11. How does your event planner manage event safety?

Health and safety are definitely a big deal when it concerns events, as are the various insurance policies you’ll need to consider. Ask your event planner how they perform risk assessments.

12. What are your cancellation and refund policies?

As with any other service provider, you ought to always know what happens if you cancel or need a refund. Confirm that it’s stipulated clearly within the contract you sign so you avoid any surprises.

13. Official certifications?

While certifications aren’t super important, it may be reassuring if your planner has some. Ask about their official education and whether they’re a part of any industry associations.

14. How do you measure event success?

Finally, it’s essential that you both agree on the metrics of the event’s success. Ask about the data they check and the way they’ve incorporated feedback from previous clients to enhance their performance.

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