What Is an Open Bar?

An open bar is when the wedding hosts foot the bill rather than the guests. It means there are no cash transactions taking place at the bar.

As pretty much everyone knows, wedding guests come to the wedding to celebrate a couple’s union. But they stay for—and, hopefully, rave about—the food and drinks. (Mostly the drinks.) So you’ve really got to wow them in this department.

1979Hawaii mobile bar is exactly what it sounds like: A stocked bar (bartender is included) that brings the party wherever you are. This is important if you’re getting married in an á la cart venue space, like an estate or your home backyard. 1979Hawaii caterer equipped to handle this for you. We are here for those couples who take the drinks very seriously and the ones that want wine and beer bar only.

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Mobile open bar will handle some of the fun little details that will make your wedding stand out for you and your guests. Mobile bar for weddings is a great addition to the reception, whether your wedding is booze-forward or not. To add some tropical vibes 1979Hawaii offers signature cocktails/mocktails served in fresh pineapples and coconuts, this amazing drinks presentation creates photo moments and joy! A mobile cocktail bar, how cool and convenient would that be for your guests on your wedding day.

Survey data shows that millennial guests specifically consider the bar situation to be a top – 5 most important reception detail.

Top 8 reception details guests value most (and are paying the most attention to):

  1. Food
  2. Music
  3. Décor
  4. Bar/drinks
  5. Dances
  6. Entertainment (photo booth/props/etc.)
  7. Couple’s entrance
  8. Reception location (setting, area)

1979Hawaii has always been known for the fresh, seasonal produce used in the cocktails, we also work with recipes that have no added sugar. So if you want something a little healthier without sacrificing flavor, you are in the right place.

Contact us if your are looking for a mobile bar for weddings or want to know the average cost of open bar at wedding.