1979Hawaii Catering is a unique tropical catering and bartending service in Oahu.  
We believe each wedding service is a craft, and we are passionate about it.
1979Hawaii add fresh, stylish and unexpected surprises to weddings and events.
Elevate your wedding
With one of a kind experience.
Now offering
Luxury Sea food/Hawaiian catering
Open bar service
Coconut & Pineapple catering
Shaved Ice
Refreshments installations
Wedding details
Hawaiian Entertainments
Hawaii wedding Inspiration

Sharon G

Yarden and her team MADE our Hawaii wedding!! They were so incredibly professional, fun to work with and receptive to all of our bartending, catering and cocktail ideas (and numerous changes). 

Sarah D

The fresh pineapple drinks were such a hit with our guests and refreshing to have ready after our ceremony in 80+ degree weather. Their catering and bar service was friendly, professional, and remarkable. They well exceeded our expectations! 1979 Hawaii was the perfect addition for us and our guests to soak in paradise

Shaked B

We got so many compliments on the incredible sea food, amazing cocktails & the entire experience 1979Hawaii provided. was so easy for me, start to finish, which is the best when you’re a bride in a destination wedding!!!  And did I mention the Pina-Colada BAR? It was the hit of my Hawaiian wedding!!!

Oahu | Hawaii 

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