Cocktail Catering Service

Cocktails menu
Each package included 3 signature cocktails

oahu catering


Pineapple Juice/smoothie, caramelized cane sugar, & Malibu Rum. Garnished with pineapple leaf, fresh pineapple wheel & cocktail umbrella.



Mai Tai
Rum, Triple Sec, Grenadine, pineapple juice, lime juice, & orange juice. Garnished with fresh pineapple chunks.

oahu catering
oahu catering

Pink Island
Champagne, caramelized cane sugar & fresh slices strawberries. Garnished with strawberry.

Tanned Mojito

Rum, lime juice, lemon juice, fresh garden mint, caramelized cane sugar, & sparkling water. Garnished with lime wheel & Pineapple.

oahu catering

Coco Lolo

Fresh coconut water, caramelized cane sugar and Malibu Rum garnish with cocktail umbrella.

Aloha To the Queen

Lime Juice, Cranberry, Vodka & Malibu Rum, Garnished with Lemon wheel. 

oahu catering
oahu catering

Hardcored Long Island

Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Triple sec, and sour mix over ice
Topped with cola, garnished with pineapple slices.

Gin and Tonic

Lime, Gin and Tonic Garnished with lime wheel

oahu catering
oahu catering

Gin Fizz

Lemonade, Rosemary, Gin & caramel.

Client provide the alcohol, we got the rest!!!

We will serve any liquor / beer and wine client will provide

Custom cocktails available.

Fine Seafood & Hawaiian Grill Catering
Buffet Style

oahu catering

Sides - choose 2
White/brown Rice | Fried Noodles | Herb Roasted, Creamy mash potatoes | Sweet potatoes and coconut mashed | Corn

Salads - Choose 2
Lomi Salmon | Potatoes macaroni | Green salad with 2 dressing

Main Entree - Choose 3
Garlic Shrimps | Pork Lau Lau | Hawaiian BBQ guava chicken | Ahi Poke Hawaiian style / spicy mayo | Pulehu Short Ribs | Teriyaki Grilled top Sirloin | Grilled Fresh catch Fish lemon butter sauce | Calamari Steak lemon butter sauce | Clams wine butter garlic sauce| Seafood pasta

Dessert - Choose 1
Pineapple Pecan Rum Cake | Hawaiian Guava sweet bread pudding w/Tahitian vanilla sauce

Catering package included: catering display table, catering tables shade, chafing dishes, cook and/or servers, water service, delivery, trash disposal, Glassware, utensils & plates.